Harrison Interiors

Harrison Interiors

Developed from extensive experience across a variety of creative disciplines, the Harrison Interiors ethos is grounded in knowledge of how context informs environment. Our studio takes a marvelling yet analytical approach to every project, whether large scale or compact, whether in hospitality, residential, retail or editorial.

Harrison Interiors favours minimal and geometric concepts balanced with dynamism and vitality. Natural materiality, elegant palettes and graphic shapes worked with a restrained boldness form the core concept of our studio aesthetic. Our clients’ own personalities and needs are always deliberately explored and expressed in the finished outcome: something that perfectly represents them and their own style.

Come and have fun with us. Let’s be brave. Let’s do things that sit perfectly within contemporary design, celebrate classic style and investigate the unexpected, all the while telling a beautiful visual narrative that’s altogether yours.


Alisia has worked at varied points along the design spectrum, with experience spanning industrial design to art direction. Such a multi-faceted background naturally informs her interior design practice and her style of dynamic visual storytelling.

Alisia’s esprit is poured into everything she does. At Harrison Interiors, it’s in the form of a concentrated energy focused on every detail, from crafting the finer points to painting a broad picture.

Unafraid to propose bold concepts and tackle tricky briefs, Alisia takes the utmost pleasure in working closely with clients to discover what will bring joy to their everyday and translating that into their built environment.